Slava Akmaev, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President & Chief Analytics Officer

Slava Akmaev, Ph.D., is the Senior Vice President and Chief Analytics Officer, leading the Analytics division. Dr. Akmaev is an avid advocate for the application of Artificial Intelligence tools in digital healthcare. He is a frequent speaker at Precision Medicine and Big Data meetings.

Prior to his role at BERG Dr. Akmaev was the Scientific Associate Director at Genzyme Genetics where he launched multiple commercial diagnostic products. While at Genzyme R&D, he led the development of novel statistical approaches for high-throughput “omics” data and performed analytical work in genomics and genetics.

Dr. Akmaev published numerous manuscripts in genomics and was one of the early developers of analytical methodology around high-throughput molecular data. He co-authored the publication of the Long SAGE™ technology, “Using the transcriptome to annotate the genome” in Nature Biotechnology.

Dr. Akmaev holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is a recipient of the prestigious fellowship from The Program in Mathematics and Molecular Biology.

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