Dynamic Assessment of Functional Lipidomic Analysis in Human Urine

January 16, 2017

Lipids, 2016, Rockwell et al

Berg develops a method for the analysis of lipid profiles in human biofluids for precision medicine applications

Authors: Rockwell HE, Gao F, Chen EY, McDaniel J, Sarangarajan R, Narain NR, Kiebish MA

Urine is a non-invasive biofluid that can be used to examine an individual’s physical state during diagnosis and disease monitoring. Development of analytical techniques to support the discovery of biomarkers for disease allows physicians to link related complications of diseases to these biomarkers and determine the optimal therapeutic strategies. Our investigation describes a comprehensive lipidomic approach to analyze the lipidomic profile of human urine samples. Using this technique we were able to quantify more than 600 structural molecular species from over 20 lipid classes, and 55 mediator lipid species over a period of 14 minutes. This level of detection in a short time frame demonstrates the potential for future use of Berg’s functional lipidomics analysis platform for broader, population based studies.


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